1st Workshop on Game Accessibility: Xtreme Interaction Design (GAXID'11)

Program (Tentative)

9.00-9.15Welcome: The organizers introduce the workshop and the agenda for the day.
9.15-10.30Paper presentations: 5-minute presentations from each attendee based on their paper. Throughout these sessions, participants will be invited to take notes and record comments, ideas, and issues on post-its. These will be used as part of the workshop.
10.30-11.00Break Game Accessibility Arcade: Demos of Accessible games by the workshop organizers or workshop participants
11.00-12.00Design Exercise: Participants will break out in groups and each group will sketch out how make a commercial game accessible.
12.00-12.30Brief presentations of the solutions strategies developed for each game impairment.
13.30-14.00Sketching out Major Themes: Participants will be asked to arrange their post-its on to the walls to construct a map of the significant themes that have emerged.
14.00-15.30Discussion in Groups: We will break into smaller groups to facilitate more coherent discussions on the themes identified. .
15.30-16.00Break Game Accessibility Arcade.
16.00-16.45Reports from individual groups.
16.45-17.15Wrap up and Future Plans + Poster Design.